Jah Mason Slams Industry ‘Politics’

Jah Mason is hitting out against what he calls, ‘the politics’ associated with the music industry.

He has been relatively quiet on the local scene, but this is in stark contrast to his fan base in Europe, where he is regarded as one of the biggest artistes from Jamaica.

“There is too much politics in the industry. I sing positive music, I can’t keep up with the monetary business. I am always on tour, every year I tour. I have songs in Jamaica, but I’m not sure if they (the DJs) are giving me any justice based on the politics, but I’m still doing music and touring,” he told The Sunday Gleaner.

“My song are based on farming and not about hype. But because mi nah pay no selector mek the people nuh know say mi a put in the work. I’m not paying to get a hype. Mi hot naturally. I’m a Bobo and people know what I stand for,” he said.

Promoting his Bobo Man and Cross The Water singles, Jah Mason is also gearing up to release his 16th album in the summer. The songs, he notes, are doing very well. especially in Western Europe. The success of his releases is just one of the factors that he credits to him being on tour consistently.

“My tours have all been successful so far. It gets better and better every time. All the shows are well received because a energy we deal wid. It has been awesome. This current tour that I’m on has already made stops in Belgium, Germany, Sweden, France, and Amsterdam.”

When prodded as to why he believes his music is more appreciated in Europe, Jah Mason told The Sunday Gleaner that the major difference between the music industries is that there is no underlying ‘politics’ in Europe.

“In Jamaica, hotness a sum’n you can buy. A di man dem whe a tour extensively, a dem a put in the work. I am a Jamaican, but I am not of the Jamaican world. I know where my music is being appreciated. Yuh nuh see me pon Rebel Salute or Sting or any of those shows. I keep my own event and I fund it out of my pocket. The people in my community know that. There are things that are being done by other artistes that Jamaica doesn’t hear about or don’t care to hear about,” Jah Mason said.

In addition to the album, Jah Mason also has two projects that he is involved in. The first is his ‘Give A Wheel to the Handy’ which seeks to donate wheelchairs to disabled individuals around the world. The second is his farming project which sells produce to local hotels and higglers.

“I think about the poor and the have-nots because I am a Bobo. A me name Jah Mason aka Farmer Man. The politics in the business cyaah stop me. I will always be doing positive, uplifting music for the world to enjoy,” he said.

SOURCE: Davina Henry, Staff Reporter http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20140316/ent/ent4.html